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Presbyterian focused on safety as non-essential surgeries resume

May 11, 2020 Featured Press Release

With a focus on ensuring patient and staff safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Presbyterian has resumed performing non-essential procedures.

Non-essential procedures are surgeries that do not need to be performed within a specific amount of time. They could include gall bladder surgeries or outpatient procedures such as some colonoscopies.

“Our top priority is to provide our patients and staff with a safe environment where we can perform surgeries that had been postponed due to COVID-19,” said Dr. Jason Mitchell, chief medical officer, Presbyterian Healthcare Services. “We will resume these services with great care and will work closely with patients to ensure they are comfortable with the changes made due to the current pandemic.”

To meet the State of New Mexico’s requirements, procedures that may require blood transfusions, or post-acute care may still be postponed.

“This delay has been hard on patients, many of whom have experienced pain and discomfort while waiting for surgeries to start again,” said Dr. Mitchell. “We are here to provide the care our community needs.”

What patients can expect

  • Surgical patients will be tested for COVID-19 before a procedure and screened when they arrive.
  • Additional information for all patients about COVID-19, including the need to wear a mask, maintain hand hygiene and social distancing and avoid touching face, eyes, nose and mouth, will be provided.
  • Our COVID-19 visitor policy remains in place. Patients who need support after surgery will be escorted to vehicles.

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