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Nursing Careers, Interviews & On-Boarding

For nurses new to Presbyterian, we offer a nursing orientation program designed to make your on-boarding as easy as possible.

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Interview & Onboarding Process

Presbyterian believes in what we call the “Hire Right” philosophy. Simply put, we want to hire individuals who are right for our team, meaning they have the right skill set, preparation, and attitude for the organization. The interview process is designed to match the values of the individual applying with the values of the organization.

Presbyterian is very team-oriented; therefore all our applicants participate in peer interviews with a panel of their peers. Finalists are given the opportunity to job shadow on the unit in which they are interviewing. This allows applicants to observe the environment and job duties of the position for which they are being considered.

For additional information, please contact the Nurse Recruitment Team
at 505-923-5383.