Education & Development

​Presbyterian is dedicated to offering our nursing staff the most current information and continuing educational opportunities. Continuing Education is offered throughout the year through traditional classrooms and seminar settings as well as new electronic modules and online programs. Training opportunities include:

Simulation Learning

Simulation services came to Presbyterian Healthcare Services in September of 2007 due to a generous gift from the Presbyterian Foundation. Because of this group’s vision and forethought regarding the provision for our patients' best possible care, Clinical Education has been able to expand the scope of simulation learning to include multiple medium and high-fidelity manikins, as well as a virtual reality learning simulation.

This instructional design offers the learner the opportunity to experience the entire spectrum of patient care including interviewing, assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. The manikins "talk," demonstrate physiologic functions such as heartbeats, palpable pulses, breathing with variable lung sounds and bowel sounds. Procedures/interventions can be performed with realistic responses to these interventions, which will allow patient evaluation.

Since the inception of our simulation program, simulation has been embedded in multiple learning arenas, which literature has shown to improve patient care and outcomes.  Developing teamwork, learning to be an effective team member and effective communication skills along with acquisition of technical skills are practiced and improved through scenario-based learning.

A wide range of simulations are being utilized throughout our delivery system to improve patient safety and outcomes. Examples are:

  • Nurse techs learn invasive line insertion
  • Mock patient emergencies are practiced
  • Recent graduates of nursing schools learn to develop professional roles responsibilities, and effective teamwork in various patient settings
  • Nursing students are exposed to increased numbers of clinical situations
  • Preceptors are instructed in assisting the development of critical thinking skills
  • Education Resource nurses utilize the manikins to assist staff on focusing their cares for specific patient populations
  • Adult and pediatric life support skills are learned and reinforced

The learning environment is structured so that groups of 4-6 people participate in this interactive experience. This allows active group participation with learners providing suggestions, assistance and feedback throughout the patient scenarios. An integral part of any simulation is the debriefing or review after the completion of the scenario. Learning opportunities are reinforced, improving the likelihood of transition of knowledge and implementation of critical thinking to actual patient care episodes. Ultimately, patient safety is improved as staff responds appropriately to changes in patient status.

Web-based Learning

Presbyterian nurses can use several different web-based learning tools to learn new skills, maintain competency and earn continuing education credits.

These interactive applications allow nurses to focus on specific learning needs as well as complete mandatory training online. Many of these tests can be accessed from home for staff convenience. Current online learning tools include both general and critical care learning as well as all employee required training competencies.

All Presbyterian nurses receive a free membership to PEARL's Review, an online continuing education resource that offers more than 150 subjects and continuing education credits.

Learning Management System

Presbyterian utilizes an electronic Learning Management System (LMS) for tracking staff time dedicated to continuing education as well as to register for classes, seminars and self-paced training activities.

The LMS tool is also used to track results of annual evaluations and in determining ongoing learning needs. The LMS tool is an excellent way for staff to track all of the educational events that they attend annually as well as any class or self-paced learning module they may have completed throughout the year.

Nursing Conferences

In keeping with our commitment to nursing career development, Presbyterian hosts several annual nursing conferences throughout the year. These conferences bring in both national and local speakers who are expert in their field.