Academic Coordinators

​Academic coordinators arranging clinical rotations (or directors) may contact the Presbyterian clinical coordinator at (To assist us in the placement of students we ask that only academic faculty contact Presbyterian.)

Request Deadlines

We are currently placing students from over 92 academic programs in our facilities. In an effort to provide equitable placement for all programs, we ask that requests for cohort placement and preceptors be placed well in advance.

We understand that not every school is on the same semester cycle and have attempted to make the priority dates as universal as possible. These deadlines apply to all semester-based programs. Special arrangements will be made with certificate programs that have frequent class starts. We also understand that academic programs might not have exact enrollment numbers at the time of request, but priority placement will be given to requests made by the deadline.

  • Semester: Spring
    Priority placement request deadline: October 31
    Confirmation returned by: November 30
  • Semester: Summer
    Priority placement request deadline: March 31
    Confirmation returned by: April 30
  • Semester: Fall
    Priority placement request deadline: June 30
    Confirmation returned by: July 31


Preceptors, or one-on-one teaching, provide students with focused and individualized attention and are often part of the academic curriculum. We will always try to accommodate these needs. However, a variety of factors such as staffing patterns, patient acuity, and individual unit resources may impact our ability to meet each of these requests. Additionally, in order to maintain a safe environment, it is not possible to place multiple students into preceptorships on the same unit at the same time. Students and academic facilities can assist this process by being as flexible with their schedule as possible.

We are also asking that you make preceptor requests at the same time.The request should include:

  • Approximate number of students
  • Students' preferred specialties/facilities

Again, we understand that you might not know exact numbers at the time you submit the request, but approximation will help us equitably distribute our available preceptors throughout the academic programs.

We will return confirmation of clinical placement as well as a list of preceptors with contact information by the above dates to give you ample time to plan and confirm student schedules.

Learning Central

To request student or faculty accounts, please complete the Academic Accounts Form and send the spreadsheet to In your email, include the staff member responsible for verifying backgrounds and immunizations.

Orientation to Units

Presbyterian requires that all licensed faculty-supervising students receive an orientation to the unit or department. Orientations must be completed prior to student arrival on the floor. All compliance material and computer access must be granted before orientation is completed.

The First Day Form must be completed during orientation. Please return First Day Forms to or fax to 505.823.8927​.