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Patient Forms & Processes During COVID-19

During this time of COVID-19, we have been presented with special challenges for our patients and our workforce. However, we have made getting surgical care even safer. At every Presbyterian facility, we now:

  • Limit visitors with few exceptions
  • Screen staff for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Test and screen patients for COVID-19 prior to surgery and some selected outpatient procedures
  • Practice social distancing in all clinics
  • Minimize wait times in common areas
  • Require all patients and staff to wear masks
  • Clean with enhanced protocols

Requirements for Inpatient Surgery

Requirements for Outpatient Procedures or Tests

The Patient Acknowledgement Forms include recommendations and requirements for scheduled surgeries and procedures during COVID-19. Please take the time to review your form prior to your surgery or procedure. If you would like, you can download, print and sign the form at home and bring it with you at the time of your surgery or procedure. You can also sign a copy when you arrive at the facility.

Hospital and Clinic Visitor Policies

Before your surgery or procedure, please make sure to review our revised hospital and clinic visitor policies, including face mask requirements.
Updated Visitor Policies