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You skip a lot to stay safe.

We skip nothing to make your visit safer.

Group of friends connecting online instead of in-person.

If you need care in-person or surgery, we're ready because we've made getting care even safer.

At every Presbyterian facility we now:

  • Limit visitors with few exceptions
  • Screen patients and staff for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Practice social distancing in all clinics
  • Minimize wait time in common areas
  • Require all patients and staff to wear masks
  • Clean with enhanced protocols

We’ve also made it easier to get care safely from home, online or on the phone with:

  • Telehealth appointments by video or phone with your provider*
  • Messaging your doctor with MyChart

At Presbyterian, we're giving better health a better chance.

Get the care you need.

Call 1-844-505-PRES

*Telehealth appointments are charged as if you were having an in-person appointment. Learn more here.