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Presbyterian Cancer Care

Cancer is tough. We're tougher.

Dedicated to improving the health of our community, Presbyterian Cancer Care is New Mexico's resource for compassionate, patient-centered cancer care. We are a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program supported by MD Anderson Cancer Center. This affiliation provides our medical oncologists and surgeons with access to a wide range of multidisciplinary care resources, including disease-specific and evidence-based guidelines, treatment plans and best practices developed by MD Anderson. It also means our oncologists and surgeons have the opportunity to present especially rare or complex cancer cases and seek consultation with MD Anderson’s experts.

For more information about Cancer Care's supportive rehabilitation services and Nurse Navigators who mentor patients at the time of initial diagnosis and treatment, contact us. 

There When You Need Help the Most

Cancer patients are often faced with decisions that go beyond treatment choices. Patients and their families may need to identify and address complex issues. Our Presbyterian Cancer Patient Navigation Program specializes in supporting patients and their families through the emotional decisions and conversations that may need to occur. The program's Nurse Navigators are trusted health system specialists and community ambassadors on a mission to improve the cancer experience for each patient.

Making It Easier to Focus on Your Treatment

Nurse Navigators are at the heart of our patient-centered care, and are available to oncology patients being seen by a Presbyterian Medical Group medical oncologist or a Presbyterian MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center radiation oncologist. Our Nurse Navigators are available at all Presbyterian facilities at no additional cost and work closely with our physicians to meet your needs.

Patients are introduced to a Nurse Navigator as early as possible to explain what you can expect from your treatment, help with scheduling appointments, provide information about support resources, and much more. Your Nurse Navigator is your advocate and educator; dedicated to helping you understand your diagnosis and care path.

Nurse Navigators help connect you to the services you need, including:

  • Clinical trials
  • Family support groups
  • Financial counseling
  • Home care
  • Hospice
  • Oncology dietician services
  • Oncology medical social worker services
  • Pharmacist services
  • Quality of life navigation
  • Transportation assistance
  • Specialized cancer patient physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • Chaplain services

For more information about Nurse Navigators, call 505-559-6100.