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Centennial Care Medicaid Plans

​​​Are you looking for a Medicaid plan that will help to keep you healthy and happy? The Presbyterian Centennial Care plan can do that. Presbyterian Centennial Care gives you the basic benefits you need, plus extra value-added benefits. It is funded in part under a contract with the State of New Mexico. The plan includes physical health, behavioral health, and long-term care services.

How to Apply?

Why Choose Presbyterian?

We help make it easy to manage your care. Presbyterian Centennial Care is designed to keep you in good health. We can help you if you are healthy or if you have special needs or need complex healthcare services.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services has served New Mexicans for more than 110 years. We have cared for New Mexico's Medicaid members since 1997.

You will get many value-added benefits as well as the standard Centennial Care benefits if you choose Presbyterian. These are:

  • Full Benefits for "Pregnancy Service Only" members - Members will have full medical and behavioral health benefits. This includes prescription drug coverage transportation (ride) services, and routine dental services. Vision is not covered.
  • Medisafe Medication Reminder - This is a medication reminder that you can download for free to your smartphone. It can help you manage the medications for you and/or several members of your family on one phone. It can also track all the medications for you and your family and tell you when it’s time to get one or more of them refilled. It works with iPhone or those phones with Android.
  • Traditional Medicine Value Added Service - We know that Traditional Customs are a vital part of health and wellness to Native American people. We seek to honor and support your culture with the Traditional Medicine Value Added Service. This Value Added Service can help with $300 once per calendar year (January 1 to December 31). This service is only available to Native American Centennial Care members.
  • Baby benefit new mother program - Reward Gift cards. Prenatal members participating in PHP Baby Benefits program and qualify for the prenatal visit requirements and Postpartum appointment will receive a SKU-limited gift card to purchase baby related items such as diapers, travel crib, stroller or car seat.
  • Enhanced care coordination specialized services - Additional services for members in care coordination only; must be approved by a care coordinator. These services include caregiver support programs, home monitoring for high-risk members, and individualized services for members who meet criteria.
  • School Based Health Clinic (SBHC) - This benefit is to reimburse SBHC for interdisciplinary conferences conducted by the heath care staff of the SBHC. This service is for Centennial Care members and ABP members who are non-dual members.
  • School Sports Physicals - A physical exam to allow children 12-18 years old to participate in sporting activates and completion of the needed forms. This is a limited physical exam and is not the same as a routine well-child exam or regular physical.
  • Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Time Reminder - If you find it difficult to remember when to take your medication(s) as your doctor prescribed, this modern version of the classic plastic pill case may help. Tabtime is available for less than $20, and it has five compartments with different alarms that vibrate when it’s time to take your medicine.
  • Wellness Classes - Wellness classes for adults with a diagnosis of diabetes or members age 5 – 64 diagnosed with Asthma.

Centennial Rewards

Centennial Care will reward you for doing something good for your health. You can earn points for your good habits. If you get certain medical tests or fill certain prescriptions (drugs) that help keep you healthy you will earn reward points. Spend your rewards points on health, wellness and fitness items.

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Such services are funded in part with the State of New Mexico.​​​​​​

Need Help?

505-923-5200 or 1-888-977-2333
Navajo Hotline:
505-923-5157 (in Albuquerque)
1-888-806-8793 (outside Albuquerque)
Phone hours:
Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Live chat for members:
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9521 San Mateo Blvd, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
505-923-5677 or 1-888-730-2300
New Mexico Crisis and Access Line:

We have free interpreter services to answer any questions you may have about our health or drug plan. Just call us at 1-855-592-7737 (TTY 711).

Issues or Concerns?

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