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Help: Your family size

Let us know how many people are in your immediate family. Immediate family includes your legally married spouse, plus any children under the age of 18 (considered "dependents").

Help: Family adjusted gross income

This is your income, before taxes and minus deductions. If you are married and filing jointly, this number is your combined income. If you are married but filing separately, use the number of the spouse with the highest annual gross income. Use your most recent tax return to find this information—the table below will help to identify which line you will find this number.

Form 1040 Form 1040A Form 1040-EZ
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Help: Your current age

We are asking for your age to see if you qualify for Medicare (available for those citizens 65+). Please use your current age for accurate results.

Help: Is insurance available through your employer

If you're not sure, we recommend you speak to your employer or Human Resources representative. You may not qualify for an exchange plan if you have health insurance. However, if your coverage costs you more than 9.5% of your household income or if your employer's plan does not meet the law's minimum standards, you may qualify.