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Understanding Healthcare Reform: What’s All the Fuss?


Healthcare reform is the term used to describe policies in the area of healthcare. Most commonly, healthcare reform discussions revolve around one or more of the following:

  • Increasing access to healthcare for a larger number of people, both to ensure better health outcomes and to lower costs due to emergency treatment.
  • Providing more and better choices of providers and services.
  • Reducing costs that have been increasing at a very high rate, and costing the government, employers and individuals more and more.

Because healthcare is such a personal experience, and because the stakes – both personal and financial – are so high, there are a lot of different opinions on how to proceed. But we can all agree that the issue is an important one.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in 2010. Different provisions of the law will be put into place over the next few years. Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • Expanding Medicaid eligibility.
  • Providing incentives for businesses to provide healthcare insurance to their employees.
  • Prohibiting denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions.
  • Establishing health insurance exchanges.

The impact of healthcare reform on each individual depends on your circumstances. Low-to-middle income earners may find that they are eligible for federal subsidies to help purchase private insurance. More workers may find that their companies – even fairly small companies – offer health insurance options. People with pre-existing conditions should no longer be denied coverage.

Learning More About Healthcare Reform

The healthcare reform law will affect each of us in some way. At Presbyterian, we’re here to help guide you through and provide you with information that will help you understand this complicated subject. Below is some useful information about the healthcare reform law and what it means for you and your family.

Understanding Healthcare Reform
Affordable Care Act Q&A
Know Your Health Plan’s Healthcare Reform & You
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