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Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Plan

Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. is pleased to provide the Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) Western Teamsters Welfare Trust Plan (WTWT) Plan.

The Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) WTWT Plan is available only to individuals who live in our plan service area. To remain a member of our plan, you must keep living in this service area. The service area is described below.

Our service area includes these counties in New Mexico:

  • Bernalillo County
  • Sandoval County
  • Torrance County, and
  • Valencia County

Our service area includes these parts of counties in New Mexico:

  • ZIP codes in Cibola County: 87007, 87014, 87020, 87026, and 87038
  • ZIP codes in Santa Fe County: 87010, 87015, 87056, and 87540
  • ZIP codes in Socorro County: 87062 and 87831

Member Handbook

The Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) WTWT Plan Member Handbook provides a detailed overview of the coverage and copayments required at each specific deductible level. Important information to check out includes:

  • Copayments required for the types of care visits you usually make.
  • Whether the plan covers your specific conditions or circumstances.
  • Prescription coverage, especially if you are on an unusual drug.

2014 MediCare Senior Care (HMO) Western Teamsters Plan Member Handbook

Provider Directory

The Provider Directory lists the doctors available to you in-Network as part of your Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) WTWT Plan. Check to make sure your doctor is covered to receive the highest level of coverage.

Provider Directory

Summary of Benefits

A summary of this plan is included in the detailed plan information in the following document.

Summary of Benefits

Prescription Drug Coverage

The Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) WTWT Plan health plan includes prescription drug coverage. A list of the drugs covered can be found in the Formulary lists.

2014 Medicare Formularies

Formulary Updates

Supplement Formulary Information

Mail Service Pharmacy Benefit

Presbyterian is pleased to offer mail-order prescriptions in partnership with Walgreens. Order up to a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs (as prescribed by your physician) and get free delivery to your home with Walgreens Mail Service.

Walgreens Mail Service Tips and Forms
Walgreens En Español


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