CVO Performance - Turnaround Times

It is the goal of the Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) staff to achieve a 60-day or less turnaround time for initial applications and a 45-day or less for reappointment applications. If you have questions, concerns, complaints, and/or compliments, please contact a member of the CVO staff and we will be happy to speak with you.

We value your opinions and feedback so we can improve our customer satisfaction. We survey our clients and customers each month to ensure that we hear you.

When we asked you “How would you rate your overall experience with the CVO?” this is what you said…

“Excellent service and the most helpful staff”

“My customer service experience was very pleasant and I have praise for all connected with the CVO. The CVO personnel are the reason the process worked for me.”

“They are wonderful!”

“Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful”