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Presbyterian Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage HMO Plans

Enjoy access to Presbyterian doctors and specialists, $0 monthly premium options, and much more with our HMO plans.

Learn More About Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) Plans

Medicare Advantage HMO-POS Plan

Offers a flex spending card, expanded service network and an out-of-network benefit with flat copay.

Learn More About Presbyterian UltraFlex (HMO-POS) Plan

Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

Have the freedom of choice. Our PPO plans let you choose any provider who accepts Medicare in or out of our network.

Learn More About Presbyterian MediCare PPO Plans

Medicare Advantage HMO-DSNP Plans

Do you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid? If so, this might be the plan for you.

Learn More About Presbyterian Dual Plus (HMO D-SNP) Plans

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Translation Services
We have free translator services to answer any questions you may have about our health or drug plan.

505-923-6060 or 1-800-797-5343 (TTY 711)
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Last Updated: 10/03/2022