Student & Faculty Requirements

Required Competencies and Documentation

Our regulatory and internal policies require that all students, faculty, and Instructors have the same level of competency as our employees. This is to ensure that our patients are cared for safely and that the students, faculty, and instructors are safe in our facilities. Even if they do not have direct patient contact, every student, faculty, and instructor must complete annual competencies if spending time in our facilities. The Compliance Worksheet should be completed in its entirety prior to any student/faculty/instructor’s clinical rotation.

Requirements Include:

  • Background checks (using the four required agencies identified on the form) or completed DOH fingerprinting
  • Orientation completed on their first day to the unit
  • Verification of the following immunizations
    Annual tuberculosis (TB) screening
    Hepatitis B (HBV)
    Seasonal influenza (Oct - Mar)
    COVID Vaccine (if applicable)
    Urine drug screen

2021-2022 Nursing Scholastic Compliance Worksheet (MS Excel Document)
2021 Allied Health Scholastic Compliances (MS Excel Document)

Student/Faculty/Instructor Accounts

After approval of your clinical rotation and creation of Presbyterian accounts, it will be necessary to complete the required training(s). You will receive an email containing your User ID and Password from our Learning Management System (LMS). You will also receive an email with pertinent dates of completion from your Presbyterian contact. All students/faculty/instructors are required to use the LMS to complete required training(s). Once the training(s) has been completed by all students/faculty/instructors for that rotation, an email will be sent clearing them for clinicals. No students/faculty/instructor is allowed on the unit prior to this clearance.

EPIC Access

All students/faculty/Instructors who are granted EPIC access must sign into the EPIC system monthly to ensure their account remains active. If there is no activity for 90 days in the EPIC system, their account will be suspended. There can be a delay to reactivate, so this is crucial to ensure access during clinical time.

Pyxis Access (Nursing Students ONLY)

Faculty/Instructors who will be working with students will require Pyxis Access. The school coordinator/direct appraiser will request this access each semester for each faculty/instructor on the unit(s). The Pyxis Form is then sent to:

Pyxis Access Form

Nursing Instructors

Please register for “Documentation and Medication Administration” access through Learning Central. Please note: you cannot register for a class within five days of the class start date.