Clinical Jobs

We pride ourselves on team-based care and putting patients first, which requires an integrated approach to our programs and services.

Therefore, we have many unique and important opportunities in our hospitals and clinics. Ranging from nurses and physicians, to techs and paramedics we have many clinical-based job opportunities to help provide our patients with the best care possible.

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Our Locations

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  • Albuquerque Area

    As New Mexico’s largest metro area, Albuquerque is home to two of our largest hospitals, primary and specialty clinics and our administrative center.

  • Rio Rancho Area

    Rio Rancho is one of New Mexico’s fastest growing cities and home to young families, growing developments and Presbyterian Rust Medical Center.

  • Santa Fe Area

    Known as “A City Different,” Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and home to Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center. The city offers a rich Spanish culture and mountain backdrop that makes it a great place to explore year-round.