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Group Insurance Plans

Group Insurance Plans

Options for Every Need

Presbyterian's employer group healthcare insurance plans include HMO, POS and PPO Plans for New Mexico businesses. Our HMO products include standard HMO copayment style plans; our Smart Care plan offers a combination of copayments and deductible/co-insurance; and our POS plans allow members the opportunity to access in and out-of-network providers. We also offer several different deductible and co-insurance level PPO plan choices.

Small Group Health Plans (Group Size 2-50)

We have plans with a variety of coverage levels and deductibles for groups of all sizes.

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Large Group Health Plans (Group Size 51+)

We have plans at several difference deductible levels for larger groups.

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Self-funded is an arrangement whereby the employer assumes some or all of the risk in providing health benefits for the employees. In New Mexico, self-funding can save the employer 2-6% in premium taxes which do not apply in self-funded plans, potential freedom from costly state-mandated benefits and investment earnings which accrue typically tax free in the employer-established health trust. For additional information on self-funded plans please contact your Account Executive.

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Is My Provider in-Network?

Presbyterian Health Plan members can log into myPRES to determine which providers in Presbyterian’s network of more than 9,000 providers are covered by their plan.

Presbyterian Medical Group Providers

Presbyterian Medical Group has more than 950 providers in 50 specialties at more than 100 clinics throughout New Mexico – all dedicated to your health and comfort.

What's Happening at Presbyterian

Find out about the newest staff and the latest technology, and all the other happenings at Presbyterian.