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Presbyterian's employer group healthcare insurance plans include HMO, POS and PPO Plans for New Mexico businesses. Our HMO products include standard HMO copayment style plans; our Smart Care plan offers a combination of copayments and deductible/co-insurance; and our POS plans allow members the opportunity to access in and out-of-network providers. We also offer several different deductible and co-insurance level PPO plan choices.

Small Group Health Plans (Group Size 2-50)

We have plans with a variety of coverage levels and deductibles for groups of all sizes.

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Large Group Health Plans (Group Size 51+)

We have plans at several difference deductible levels for larger groups.

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Self-funded is an arrangement whereby the employer assumes some or all of the risk in providing health benefits for the employees. In New Mexico, self-funding can save the employer 2-6% in premium taxes which do not apply in self-funded plans, potential freedom from costly state-mandated benefits and investment earnings which accrue typically tax free in the employer-established health trust. For additional information on self-funded plans please contact your Account Executive.

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