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Managing an Unprecedented Respiratory Virus Season

Managing an unprecedented respiratory virus season

December 15, 2022In the NewsFeatured

Like hospitals across New Mexico, Presbyterian facilities and emergency departments are extremely busy and many are operating at full capacity.

“We’ve had our large RSV surge, with a lot of kids in our hospital simultaneously. We have had quite an increase in COVID patients in the hospital, and this is the worst influenza year in the last decade,” Dr. Jason Mitchell, chief medical officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, told the Albuquerque Journal.

The "tripledemic" of influenza, RSV and COVID-19 has led to a dramatic surge, especially among pediatric patients.

"There's lots of talk about COVID-19, RSV, influenza, but really the thing to focus on when your child is ill with a respiratory virus is that it often doesn't matter what type of respiratory virus they have, the symptoms can usually be managed at home," Dr. Tiffany Stromberg, pediatric hospitalist at Presbyterian, told KOAT-TV.

To prevent illness, community members are encouraged to get a flu shot if they have not yet already and to stay up to date on COVID boosters. In addition, families should encourage good hand hygiene and be sure to stay home and keep kids home from school when sick.

People can visit for help determining which venue of care is most appropriate for them.

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