Presbyterian Hospital


Parking & Security


Presbyterian Hospital offers a number of patient and visitor parking areas surrounding the hospital. Handicap parking is available in each lot, including the parking garage in the Physician Office Building, as well as in the main open parking lot.

Our newest parking garage on the northeast side of the Presbyterian Hospital campus is open. Enter the parking garage on the corner of Central Ave. and Spruce St. to access one of our 1,200 parking spaces.

Our valet parking service is on pause due to COVID-19.

In any of these lots, please remember to secure your valuables to prevent theft. We recommend leaving any valuables or personal items at home.


Presbyterian Hospital provides in-house security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services offered by our specially trained security officers include medical escorts, security escorts after hours, vehicle assists, lost and found property, and help finding the way around the campus.

To reach Presbyterian Hospital Security, please call 505-841-1200

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How can you find reliable, accurate health information? A group of Presbyterian providers answer some common health questions and suggest trusted sources for information, including credible websites.


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