Presbyterian is committed to delivering excellence to providers and to creating efficient and effective practices.

An Exceptional Provider Experience

We want you to have the resources and support you need to provide your best care. To make that possible, we offer highly skilled support staff, efficient service, and the latest technology. We never stop investing so we can provide better care—to our providers and to our members.

Every day we commit to offering our providers an exceptional experience so we can transform healthcare together.

5 Ways We Serve ProvidersOpen

  1. 1


    We make your experience with us efficient, so you can focus on providing outstanding care.

  2. 2

    A Support Team.

    Our dedicated team offers assistance the way you want it—including in-person orientation and support.

  3. 3

    Get a Specialist with One Call.

    Presbyterian offers our healthcare network a one-call solution when members need a transfer for specialized care.

  4. 4

    Cutting-Edge Tools.

    We provide integrated payment management tools and streamlined payment processing.

  5. 5

    Digital Solutions.

    Presbyterian offers providers comprehensive digital solutions, including myPRES, so you can be productive on your schedule.

  • What You Need to Be Effective

    All the resources healthcare professionals need to be efficient in providing exemplary care. Find forms, documents, and care guidelines all in one place. Presbyterian wants to collaborate for success.

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  • Become a Presbyterian Health Plan Contracted Provider

    Join Presbyterian as a contracted Presbyterian Health Plan provider. We want to partner with you for efficient and effective healthcare. We are dedicated to superior service and quality care.

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  • Centennial Care

    Presbyterian is pleased to be selected as a Managed Care Organization (MCO) providing care to New Mexicans receiving Medicaid services. Find out how we are expanding our network.

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