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Reference & Guides

You can access the most current versions of the Presbyterian Practitioner and Provider Manuals, preventive healthcare guidelines, medical record standards, tobacco cessation information, guide to coordinating interpreter services and more.

Medical, Pharmacy and Behavioral Health

You can access manuals, forms, program information, and guidelines here to assist you in daily operations such as ordering images and laboratory results.

View the Medical, Pharmacy and Behavioral Health references

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Presbyterian’s clinical practice guidelines have been developed to assist in provider decisions about appropriate healthcare services for our members.

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Presbyterian Fee Schedules

Coming soon!

Presbyterian Care Connection

Presbyterian Care Connection is a one-call solution for transferring members to a Presbyterian facility for specialized care.

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Notifiable Diseases / Conditions in New Mexico

Certain communicable diseases and/or conditions in New Mexico need to be reported immediately if confirmed or suspected. Please see this guide to ensure compliance with reporting.

View the Notifiable Diseases / Conditions in New Mexico

Coordinating Interpreter Services

Coordinating interpreter services through Presbyterian's partners is easy. See this step-by-step guide to arrange translation services for your patients.

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Presbyterian Health Plan News & Updates

Find out about the newest staff and the latest technology, and all the other happenings at Presbyterian.

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