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Presbyterian Care Connection

Presbyterian offers our healthcare network a one-call solution when members need a transfer for specialized care. Make one call to transfer a member to a Presbyterian facility. Presbyterian Care Connection:

  • Simplifies the transfer of members to a Presbyterian facility

  • Ensures continuity of care

  • Expedites access to critical services for members

  • Keeps members and families in New Mexico

We arrange the acceptance of members including having a ready bed assignment and assistance with transportation, if necessary (whether air or ground transport).

Your call will be answered by a seasoned Critical Care Nurse. He or she will:

  • Obtain the caller’s name and sending hospital

  • Obtain the member’s demographic information

  • Obtain clinical information to triage the member

  • Connect you to the right physician to expedite acceptance of the member

  • Once accepted, provide a ready bed assignment

  • Assist with arranging air or ground transportation

  • Provide referring nursing staff with a phone number to call for a nurse-to-nurse report

Access to highly specialized care in our community is now one call away.

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