Hospital Privilege Application

Through our online application process (AppCentral), a provider may request and apply for privileges and/or membership at one or multiple Presbyterian Healthcare Services' hospitals and/or clinics. In addition, providers currently on staff will have the opportunity to complete and submit their application through our online application process. The Presbyterian Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) team will perform the primary source verification on behalf of the hospitals and/or clinics.

Rights of Applicant

  • The right to review information that has been obtained from any outside source (e.g., malpractice insurance carriers, state licensing boards), with the exception of references, recommendations or other peer-review protected information.
  • The right to correct erroneous information that has been obtained from other sources that varies substantially from that provided by the practitioner (see below).
  • The practitioner's rights to correct erroneous information submitted by another source, include issues such as inaccurate chronology, membership status, affiliation dates, position, etc. but does not include opinions or evaluations of peers.
  • The right to be informed of the status of their application upon written request (please see Application's Attestation and Rights).
  • The right to receive a copy of this information at the time of application.

Correction of Erroneous Information

If you feel erroneous information has been submitted during your application process such as inaccurate chronology, membership status, affiliation dates, position, etc., you may submit corrections to this information as noted below.

Please do not "correct" opinions or evaluations from peer reviewed information, references or recommendations. If you receive a negative evaluation, review or reference, you will be given the opportunity to address the concerns submitted.

Corrections should be identified and submitted to Presbyterian CVO using the link below and be submitted electronically at any time during Phase I or Phase II of the application.

You will be notified of receipt of your requested corrections within 72 hours of receipt of your corrections by the PHS CVO via email or phone call.

Correction to Submitted Application

Once the primary source verification is complete, the completed application is sent to the appropriate medical staff office where the privileging/approval process will begin. You may contact the medical staff affairs to reach the appropriate office.