Hospital Ethics Committee

The Presbyterian Healthcare Services Hospital Ethics Committee is available to help resolve ethical issues in patient care. We facilitate communication and help sort through and identify ethical issues in difficult patient care cases.

The Hospital Ethics Committee works together with healthcare team members, patients, and their families to provide support. It does not make patient care decisions. The goal of the Hospital Ethics Committee is to help patients better understand a medical situation, help enable them to make well-informed patient-care decisions, and explore possible treatment options. There is no cost for this service.

What you can expect

We will respond with caring, confidential, and timely attention to your request. Because each request is unique, the steps in the process will vary. Some situations are resolved quickly and simply by enabling communication or providing valuable information, but others may be more involved and could require one or more organized meetings with the patient's family and/or the healthcare team.

If you need assistance from the Hospital Ethics Committee:

  • Contact the committee coordinator or another member
  • Provide detailed information about the case and what you perceive to be the ethical issue(s)
  • Ask yourself, “What do I expect the Hospital Ethics Committee to do in this case?”
  • The next steps in the process will be determined by the HEC Coordinator in consultation with the Hospital Ethics Committee chair and others, as needed

Contact Information

Abby Greenwald, Hospital Ethics Committee Coordinator 
Phone: 505-841-1227

If you have a request after regular business hours, ask the hospital operator to page the on-call chaplain. The chaplain will be able to reach a key member of the committee.