Presbyterian ECHO Past Recordings

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Pain and Addictions

Assessment and Diagnosis
Bipolar Disorder
Chronic Back Pain
Health Apps
Looking Back: Addiction Interventions
Looking Back: Behavioral Health Interventions
Looking Back: Pain Interventions
Looking Forward: Future Direction of Treatments
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
Mood Disorder Treatment Options
Mood Disorder Differentials
Naloxone for Overdose Reversal
Non-Opioid Pain Medications
Non-Pharmacological Treatments
Non-Pharmacological Treatments
Obesity and Eating Disorders
Post Organ Donation Depression
Race and Cultural Considerations
Safer Benzo Prescribing
Safer Opioid Prescribing
Sleep Regimens
Street Drug Primer
Taking Pain History

Child Behavioral Health

Abuse and Neglect
Anxiety Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Eating Disorders
Gender Identity
Learning Disorders
Legal and Ethical Issues
Making Sense of Behavior: Part 1
Making Sense of Behavior: Part 2
Medication Management
Mood Disorders
Reproductive Health
School Refusal
Self Harm and Suicide Behaviors
Sleep Disorders
Substance Misuse

Motivational Interviewing

Assessing Readiness to Change
Change Planning
Client-Centered Problem Discussion and Feedback
Exploring Ambivalence
MI Assessment Sandwich
MI Principles
MI Style and Traps
Stages of Change
Using Your OARS

Child Mental Health

Assessing suicidality in children & adolescents
How and when to use “mood stabilizers” in children & adolescents
How and when to use antidepressants in children & adolescents
How and when to use antipsychotic meds in children & adolescents
When to refer to psychiatry / How and when to use anxiolytic meds in children & adolescents


Congestive Heart Failure
ECG Interpretations
Hypertension Treatment
Preoperative Evaluation
Primary Prevention of Cardiology Disease


Approach to a Patient with Thyroid Disease
Approach to the Patient with Diabetes
Initiating Therapy in T2D
Obesity in New Mexico
Workup of Patient with Low Testosterone