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About Presbyterian ECHO

ECHO is an educational model designed to increase access to specialty treatment in rural and underserved areas. This is accomplished by providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge and support they need to manage patients with complex conditions. Although ECHO clinics do not actually provide care to patients, they do help improve the care patients receive.

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Presbyterian ECHO clinics welcome all healthcare professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and ability to provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for various health conditions.

Presbyterian offers both open and internal ECHO clinics. Open ECHO clinics are available to healthcare professionals across New Mexico. Internal ECHO clinics are designated specifically for Presbyterian employees.

All Presbyterian ECHO clinics are free to attend.


  • Motivational Interviewing ECHO

  • Provider Well-being and Burnout ECHO


  • Buprenorphine ECHO

  • JOY (Just Open Yourself) ECHO

  • Workforce Well-being and Burnout ECHO

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