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Pharmaceutical Company Requests


If you are a pharmaceutical company or vendor and are interested in working with us to present clinical data or negotiate an agreement, please review the information below.

Clinical Presentations

Clinical presentations are held on Thursdays at t noon and include participation from Presbyterian Pharmacy Services, medical directors and other clinicians. If you would like to present clinical information, please send the details and supporting documentation to our RX Manufacture’s email address at Please include the following information:

  • Name of the medication or clinical topic for the presentation.
  • Proposed agenda for the presentation.
  • Supporting documentation that you are able to share for our consideration.
  • Name(s) of the person(s) involved in the clinical presentation.

Your email will be forwarded to the members of the Presbyterian Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Presbyterian Contracting Committee for a vote of interest. Please allow 10 business days for our response to your request.

Contracting Conference Calls

Discussions and negotiations with our Presbyterian Contracting Committee are done via conference calls and WebEx meetings. They are scheduled by our Rebate/Data Manager and are scheduled in half-hour blocks of time throughout the week. Please email a proposed agenda to Monica Jaramillo at

Please do not contact any member of the Presbyterian Pharmacy Services staff directly unless they have initiated the contact. There may be delays in processing your request if another method of contact is used. You are also welcome to contact the Pharmacy Services Administrative Secretary at (505) 923-5512 if you have an urgent issue. Thank you for your interest in Presbyterian and your cooperation.