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Presbyterian’s vendor and contractors are an essential part of our process for delivering healthcare products and services. Therefore, we seek mutually beneficial partnerships that focus on quality. Those selected to enter into a contract with Presbyterian to supply goods and/or services should review the vendor and contracting requirements as outlined below.

Vendor Requirements

Vendors considered “high risk” must register in the Presbyterian vendor registration program as outlined in the section below.

High-risk Vendor Registration Program

The vendor registration program is designed to streamline the collection and management of key vendor credentialing information. Specifically, the system performs certain background checks and captures certain information that we need to comply with federal regulation and hospital accreditation standards.

Who Must Register?

You are required to register in our vendor credentialing program if you are a sales representative for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, or hospital equipment and supply industry and will be visiting a Presbyterian hospital or healthcare delivery facility.

Registration Process

During the contracting process, high-risk vendors must register with Vendormate® Credentialing, a third party platform operated under a service contract with Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX). For more detailed information on the Presbyterian Healthcare Services Vendor Registration Program, please read our

Executive Vendor Notice Statement

An annual registration fee is required for any company registering. The fee is paid to GHX and is used to cover the cost of their credentialing operations.

Vendors should not register with Vendormate until contract negotiation has begun. Being registered will not guarantee or imply promise that Presbyterian will do business with a vendor. For technical assistance with registration or payment, contact customer support at 

 or submit a ticket at

To contact Presbyterian Purchasing, call 


Vendors can begin registration at

Contractor Requirements

Contractors will need to meet certain requirements depending on the type of goods or services they will provide. Requirements may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Code of Conduct

    When conducting business with us, it is expected that vendors and contractors act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. For more information about Presbyterian, including our Code of Conduct, please review our Purpose and Vision statement.

  • Contractor Questionnaire

    As part of the contracting process, contractors selected by Presbyterian will be required to complete the Contractor’s Questionnaire (sample).

  • Completion of Pre-work Requirements for Contracted Staff

    Depending on the nature of the work, pre-work requirements may include background checks, health screenings, finger printing and training.

  • Information Technology Security Assessment

    Contractors who require access to a Presbyterian computer network or confidential information will be required to complete an Information Technology Security Review for Risk Assessment. This assessment is provided as part of the contracting process.

  • Travel Policy

    Those selected by Presbyterian will be required to comply with Presbyterian's Travel Policy.