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Support Presbyterian’s COVID-19 Response

Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation is heartened by the multitude of inquiries from our providers and staff, and our community asking what they can do to support Presbyterian’s COVID-19 response. After careful consideration and collaboration with leadership, the Foundation is pleased to highlight the priorities below to support the extraordinary work through this effort.

Make a Charitable Contribution

Our new COVID-19 Response Fund will support the special needs of our care teams, and patients and families affected by COVID-19.

Donate online or call (505) 724-7003 to make a donation.

Provide Meals For Our Front-Line Teams

We appreciate the generous offers from community members for homemade meals and gift cards. However, we are unable to accept these items at this time due to health codes and IRS regulations.

Learn how your organization can provide meals, snacks or refreshments for our care teams.

Meal Donation