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Robert Wertheim Hospice House

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Robert Wertheim Hospice House

Presbyterian Robert Wertheim Hospice House is a residentially inspired, fully licensed hospice care facility located in northeast Albuquerque. Designed to serve a unique population of patients with limited access to care, the focus is on patients who do not have stable living quarters or support systems, and/or cannot afford or are not eligible for care in a typical long-term care facility. Hospice House allows these patients to emphasize quality of life for their remaining days, in a facility that feels like home with kitchen and family spaces, a large patio and garden, and private rooms with access to the outdoors.

Hospice House has 10 resident rooms, providing services for residents whose homes may not be suitable for home care or who may not have another option for end-of-life care. The house is staffed with registered nurses and certified nursing assistants around the clock, providing care to the residents as they finish their life’s journey.  Hospice medical providers, social workers, and chaplains are also available for in-person visits or by phone to meet with the patient and consult with staff. 

If you would like to make a donation to help support the Robert Wertheim Hospice House, please visit our Foundation’s giving campaign page here.


Robert Wertheim Hospice House in Albuquerque on Forest Hills Dr NE

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