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Transplant Services

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For patients who suffer from renal failure, a transplant can be a life changing gift. Since 1986, Presbyterian Transplant Services has provided patient care using a multidisciplinary team approach throughout each phase of the transplant process. In December 2016, Presbyterian Transplant Services was certified as a multi-organ transplant facility with the addition of pancreas to our program, proudly serving the residents of New Mexico and surrounding areas.

We partner with New Mexico Donor Services, a leading organ procurement organization, and are certified by the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) and Medicare (CMS).

Select an option below to learn more about how Presbyterian can improve the quality of life for those in need of a kidney or pancreas transplant.

Kidney and Pancreas Transplant

A Kidney Transplant is a treatment option for kidney failure that may offer an improved quality of life without dependence on dialysis. A kidney and pancreas transplant may offer improved quality of life without dependence on dialysis and insulin.

Kidney Living Donation

Living kidney donor transplantation offers recipients an alternative to waiting for a deceased-donor kidney.

Post-transplant Care

After you receive a transplant, continued maintenance is vital to ensure longevity of the transplanted organ. Follow-up tests and clinic visits will be recommended, and annual check-ups will help your organ stay healthy as long as possible.

Become an Organ Donor

More than 114,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant in the United States. By donating your organs and tissue after you die, you can save or improve as many as 75 lives.

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Physician Office Building
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8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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For directions to our office, please call 505-841-1434.