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  • Together for Health

    Presbyterian Healthcare Services envisions a healthy New Mexico. Learn more about the priority health issues facing each of our communities identified in our most recent Community Health Assessment.

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  • Dedicated Community Leadership

    We are accountable to our board of community leaders who dedicate their time, expertise, and energy to improving the health of patients, members, and our communities. Meet these remarkable leaders.

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  • Legacy of Caring

    We are committed to caring for our community -- and have been for more than 100 years. Learn more about Presbyterian’s first one hundred years of caring for the people of New Mexico, and where we are headed today.

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Purpose and Vision

The Egg represents the foundation of our culture at Presbyterian. We use it to define and record in one place the key elements of our organization and to help each employee describe how his or her job contributes to Presbyterian's success.


Presbyterian exists to improve the health of the patients, members and communities we serve.


To earn the letter recorded in the Egg, written from the viewpoint of a patient or member, and reflecting what our customers expect from Presbyterian.


The CARES behaviors bring our values to life and give us the opportunity to care for our customers and each other. Ultimately, our values influence the results of our work, which we achieve through living the CARES behaviors each day:

Continuous Learning
Respect and Respond
Environment of Health
Superior Outcomes

By living CARES behaviors, we honor:

People First: Patients, Members, Employees and Clinician Partners
Wholeness: Body, Mind and Spirit
High Performance: Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork and Trust

Strategy and Goals

Our strategy: To engage patients, members, and communities with innovative healthcare delivery and financing to achieve Better Health, Exceptional Experience, and Cost Leadership.

Our three strategic goals:

  • Better Health – improving the health of the patients, members, and communities we serve
  • Exceptional Experience – focusing on quality, safety, and satisfaction
  • Cost Leadership – lowering the total cost of care

Our Quality Plan

As part of our quality journey, we have defined and developed a comprehensive plan that reflects the work of all our employees who have a shared commitment to quality care for those we serve. To further define quality care, Presbyterian uses a version of the Institute of Medicine's Six Aims for Improvement (STEEEP) – Quality Care is Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient and Affordable, Equitable, and Patient- and Customer-Centered. Each of our quality goals relates directly to one of the Six Aims.

Quality goals

Provide care that is safe, eliminating harm to patients from the care that is intended to help them.

Optimize effectiveness of care through the use of standardization, evidence-based care and technology.

Improve the health of the customers we serve, leveraging integration to proactively design care models that engage customers and align incentives.

Deliver an excellent service experience for every customer, across all of their interactions with Presbyterian.

Lower the cost of healthcare delivery by redesigning care models, maximizing process efficiency and eliminating waste.