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Improving access to prosthetics for New Mexicans

Improving access to prosthetics for New Mexicans

May 11, 2023FeaturedOur Stories

Presbyterian Health Plan (PHP) was the first insurer to support a New Mexico bill to expand insurance coverage for individuals with limb loss and limb difference.

House Bill 131, which goes into effect in 2024, makes it easier and more affordable for members with limb differences to get prosthetics designed for physical activities.

PHP is honored to implement the bill's vision and ensure members with limb differences have access to what they need to live their healthiest lives. 

For limb difference advocates, the bill represents a nationally groundbreaking approach in increasing accessibility and affordability for prosthetics. PHP was proud to partner on this initiative and recently hosted a celebration event. At the event, advocates and family members in the limb difference community presented PHP President Brandon Fryar with an award to recognize the health plan's partnership in the bill becoming law.

Learn more about the new bill and how it helps one young New Mexican in this KOB story and about the efforts to pass the bill in Amplitude Magazine here.

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