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Vascular Medicine & Surgery

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Vascular Medicine & Surgery

Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care’s vascular surgeons offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment options for diseases of the circulatory system, including the arteries, veins and lymphatics. Our vascular surgeons perform a wide range of open and endovascular procedures. They care for patients with common vascular diseases as well as complex illnesses and rare vascular problems.

Conditions Treated

  • Aneurysms

  • All levels of peripheral vascular disease (PVD)

  • Aortic, iliac, visceral and popliteal atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries)

  • Cerebrovascular disease/ carotid occlusive disease

  • Peripheral artery disease

  • Venous disease

Testing & Treatment Options

  • Arterial and venous duplex ultrasound

  • Open surgical repair and reconstruction of vascular disease

  • Medical management of vascular disease

  • TransCarotid artery revascularization (TCAR)

  • Fenestrated stent grafts

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

  • Magnetic resonance angiograms (MRA)

  • Computed tomography (CT) scan

  • CT angiogram (CTA)

  • Percutaneous intervention, head to toe

  • Peripheral vascular surgery

Our Providers

Presbyterian Heart and Vascular Care’s vascular surgeons are part of our cardiology (or heart doctor) team. Vascular specialists can screen, diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases of the arteries, veins, and lymph vessels, which make up the entire vascular system. They then provide the optimal treatment for your condition, whether that be medical management, endovascular intervention, or open surgical repair/ reconstruction.

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Vascular Medicine & Surgery in Albuquerque at Presbyterian Hospital

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