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Physical Therapy at Santa Fe Medical Center


Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm



4801 Beckner Rd, Level 1
Santa Fe, NM  87507
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Presbyterian’s physical therapy team can help patients regain or improve their physical function and movement after surgery, an injury or due to the effects of a chronic illness. Physical therapists use different types of treatments depending on your specific needs and can work closely with your healthcare provider and other therapy team members to create a personalized rehabilitation plan. Some of the types of treatments used may include therapeutic exercises, stretches, manual therapy, return to sport, balance training, training in the use of assistive devices, as well as patient education so you can continue to maintain or improve your physical function even after the formal physical therapy period is completed.

This location provides rehabilitation for orthopedic problems, as well as working with patients experiencing balance or gait issues. In addition, this team can provide dry needling as a therapy treatment when indicated.

A department of Presbyterian Santa Fe Medical Center.

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