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New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority (Medicare)

​​​​Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. is pleased to provide the Presbyterian Senior Care HMO-POS New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority (NMRHCA) Plans I and II. Enrollment in these plans must be made directly through NMRHCA. To enroll, call NMRHCA at 505-222-6400 or visit their website.

Presbyterian Senior Care HMO-POS NMRHCA Plans I and II are available only to individuals who live in our plan service area, which is the entire state of New Mexico.

Member Handbook

The Presbyterian Senior Care HMO-POS NMRHCA Plan I and II Member Handbook provides a detailed overview of the coverage and payments required at each specific deductible level. Important information to check out includes:

  • Copayments required for the types of care visits you usually make.
  • Whether the plan covers your specific conditions or circumstances.
  • Prescription coverage, especially if you are on an unusual drug.

Provider Directory

The Provider Directory lists the doctors available to you in-network as part of your Presbyterian Senior Care HMO-POS NMRHCA plan. Check to make sure your doctor is covered to receive the highest level of coverage.

Summary of Benefits

A summary of this plan is included in the detailed plan information in the following document.

Prescription Drug Coverage

The Presbyterian Senior Care HMO-POS NMRHCA health plans include prescription drug coverage. A list of the drugs covered can be found in the Formulary lists.

Medicare Formularies

Formulary Updates

Supplement Formulary Information

Mail Service Pharmacy Benefit

Presbyterian offers mail-order prescriptions in partnership with OptumRx. Order up to a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs (as prescribed by your physician) and get free delivery to your home with OptumRx Mail Service.

Visit the Forms & Documents library for additional information related to your Presbyterian Health Plan

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