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Telehealth Care

Telehealth Care

Are you a Presbyterian Health Plan member looking for additional telehealth options?

Presbyterian Health Plan offers telehealth options such as Video Visits and PresRN to their members. Learn more about all of your Telehealth options

Telehealth Care

Telehealth or telemedicine appointments are visits with a Presbyterian provider through video or online messaging services. Using telehealth allows you to safely and conveniently access care when you may have difficulty in scheduling an in-person visit. It also provides you the flexibility to get the care you need to get and stay healthy.

While many routine health concerns can be managed with a telehealth appointment, you may still need to come into one of our PMG clinics for an in-person visit, depending on your healthcare needs. Be sure to check with your insurance plan to find out your coverage and any out-of-pocket costs before scheduling a telehealth appointment.

Urgent Care Video Appointment

Primary / Specialty Care Video Appointment

MyChart - Message Your Provider

Next available Presbyterian Medical Group provider
Established Presbyterian Medical Group primary, specialty or behavioral health care provider
Established Presbyterian Medical Group provider or care team
Estimated Cost
Varies by insurance
Varies by insurance
Scheduled Appointment
Yes. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling the clinic.
Yes. If you have a Presbyterian MyChart account and have been seen by the provider, you can schedule online through MyChart
If you do not have MyChart or have not been seen by the provider you can schedule by calling the clinic
No. MyChart can be used to send and receive non-urgent medical messages with your care team.

Urgent Care Video Appointments

Primary, Specialty, Behavioral Health Care Video Appointments