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Your Care, Your Choice

Did you know that many common tests and treatments performed in a hospital can be easily done at a more convenient and lower-cost location?

Choosing a non-hospital location could mean you can get an appointment sooner, it might be closer to home, or perhaps the location is just easier to visit.

We believe that the cost and convenience of care is a priority, and we want to make it more affordable and accessible for you wherever possible.

When you use a non-hospital setting for some services, you also help lower the overall cost of health care. This allows us to provide more affordable, quality services you have come to expect from your Presbyterian Health Plan.

Visit lower-cost care facilities when getting tests and procedures

When you need to get imaging (e.g. an MRI), labs, or some surgical procedures, search for the lowest-cost facility.

Here are some examples of lower-cost or more convenient options:

Providers Service Area by RegionLower-cost Care Provider

Joint Procedures

  • Foot
  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Hand
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Hip Procedures
  • Joint Injections
Central NM Surgery Center/Orthopaedics
Northwest Four Corners ASC
Southeast Southern NM Surgery Center

Lab Work

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Other Bodily Fluid
  • Body Tissue


Diagnostic Imaging

  • Computerized Tomography Scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Mammography
  • Positron Emission Tomography Scan
  • General Radiology
Central Radiology Associates of Albuquerque
Northeast X-Ray Associates
Southwest Imaging Center of Las Cruces

Colon Screening

  • Colonoscopy
  • Endoscopy
Central TBD
Northeast Endoscopy of Santa Fe
Northwest Four Corners ASC
Southeast Clovis Surgery Center
Southwest Lohman Endoscopy Center

Multispecialty ASC

  • Dental/Oral Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Urology
Central New Mexico Surgery Center – Multispecialty (Albuquerque)

Multispecialty ASC

  • Breast Surgery
  • Dental/Oral Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain Management
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Urology
Central New Mexico Surgery Center – Multispecialty (Rio Rancho)

You can also:

  • Ask your provider
  • Call your Presbyterian Customer Service Center at the number found on the back of your member ID card

Know your options when getting care

When looking for immediate care, search by condition to find the lowest cost, most convenient option.

Get Care Today

Get the lowest cost prescription medications

If you are taking medications, ask for generic prescriptions if possible and consider using mail order.

  • Register or sign in to myPRES to view your Optum pharmacy benefits through Presbyterian.
  • Ask your provider if there is a lower-cost option
  • Call your Presbyterian Customer Service Center at the number found on the back of your member ID card and select the “pharmacy” option

Estimate your costs before seeking care

As a health plan member, you have the option to get an estimate before you get the care you need, with the PHP Treatment Cost Estimator. This is available to our individual and employer group plan members. Please log into the myPres portal to access the tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are non-hospital facilities usually less expensive than hospital-based services?

In general, hospitals provide services for very sick or injured patients which require additional staff and resources. Hospitals play a critical role in providing care and services for our most vulnerable populations. There may be instances when a hospital is more appropriate for your care. If a hospital venue is not required, however, outpatient options can be more convenient and save you time and money.

What procedures and treatments may be offered outside of a hospital?

Diagnostic imaging, lab work, colon screenings, and orthopedics are the most common services that can be provided in either a hospital or an outpatient (non-hospital) location. Other services may be added soon.

What if a non-hospital facility is less convenient for me?

In most cases, it will be your choice where to get care. We just want to make sure you are aware of the most convenient and affordable health care options available in your area.