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Vaccination Resources

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Vaccination Resources

Vaccines are an important part of preventative health for you and your family. They are a way to use your body’s own defenses to protect you against harmful diseases. We know as a parent it can be hard to find a trusted source of information about vaccinations and your child’s health, so we have created a simple guide with reliable sources to help you. Visit our list of resources below to learn when you or your child should receive vaccinations, where you can receive vaccinations including information about vaccination assistance if you are uninsured and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Convenient Online Care When You Need It

Telehealth appointments are now available using video or online messaging services, giving you the flexibility to get care when you need it, safely and conveniently, without always needing to schedule an in-person visit.

Access Your Health Information

For secure online access to view test results, contact your provider, request medication renewals or schedule an appointment, sign up for a MyChart account today.

Prepare for Your Appointment

Review visitor guidelines, test your device for telehealth appointments, and complete some forms ahead of visits, procedures and surgeries.