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Supporting Community Health in New Mexico

Presbyterian Healthcare Services envisions a healthy New Mexico, and we exist to improve the health of the patients, members and communities we serve. ​​​

This means a commitment to improving access to health care, behavioral health, health insurance coverage, community supports, healthy food, and opportunities for exercise, and supporting everyone to have the opportunity for good health and well-being in the Land of Enchantment.

Building Conditions to Thrive: Four Core Priorities in All Counties

In alignment with the health needs of each community we serve, Presbyterian is focusing on the four core priorities that help build conditions to thrive: Behavioral Health, Social Determinants of Health, Access to Healthcare, and Healthy Eating and Active Living.

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  • Behavioral Health. Though initially focused on encouraging tobacco cessation and the broader prevention of unhealthy substance use, Presbyterian's behavioral health initiative works to fully address mental health and substance use to include prevention and treatment. This includes supporting internal and external policy changes to support more robust behavioral health services in New Mexico.

  • Social Determinants of Health. Continuing our investment in the communities we serve, initiatives in this area build on multi-sector partnerships, policies, and programs to address violence, poverty, education, economic development, built environment, equity, and the root causes of unmet social needs. Presbyterian is also leveraging our healthcare system to increase identification of health-related social needs and connect individuals to community resources.

  • Access to Care. Initiatives include growing capacity to meet demand for healthcare services and innovating the way we deliver care to enhance connection to appropriate assistance including behavioral health, chronic disease management, and social supports. Specific areas of focus include expansion of the population health workforce, stigma reduction education and training, the Equity of Care initiative, and health literacy.

  • Healthy Eating and Active Living. Presbyterian's healthy eating and active living initiatives includes a variety of projects designed to improve the nutrition of our residents and get them moving. Specific areas of focus include free healthy meals for kids, nutrition education, community gardens, community-supported agriculture, and increasing access to healthy food. Presbyterian supports programs that encourage indoor and outdoor activities and partners to improve community infrastructure to create more parks, playgrounds, safe sidewalks, and bike and walking trails.

Resources and Programs

Presbyterian patients, members and the community have access to programs that help support access to healthy food, fitness and cooking classes, healthcare services and more.

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Community Health Resource Center

The Presbyterian Community Health Resource Center is a hub for various programs and resources to help support social needs in the Albuquerque community.

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Assessments and Reports

In support of its mission and as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Presbyterian Community Health prepares reports for planning, implementing and assessing community health initiatives, as well as shares reports and assessments of organizations with whom we partner.

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