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Lives We've Touched

From our humble beginnings in a few cottages on Central Avenue as a TB sanatorium to the State of New Mexico's locally owned, not-for-profit healthcare system of eight hospitals, a medical group and health plan, we have been delivering care, expertise, comfort, and compassion around the clock for over 100 years. It is our generous donors who make so much of what we do at the Foundation possible, and it is our donors who we want to thank. Through your philanthropy we have done so much good and look forward to our next one hundred years of making a positive difference in our community with you at our side.

Below, learn more about some of our important programs and how they make a difference in the lives of Presbyterian patients and families:

Ronald McDonald Family Room® at Presbyterian

In 2012, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation's gala fundraiser Laughter is the Best Medicine solicited funds to pay for the design, construction, and furnishing of a Ronald McDonald Family Room® at Presbyterian. The need was self-evident.

The Children's Center at Presbyterian has a team of more than 300 pediatric care providers who do everything from well child checks to pediatric specialty care to performing pediatric heart surgery. However, just as important to their healing are the love, support and presence of their families. Research shows that a family presence in the hospital helps children heal faster and cope better. Staying close by allows parents to better communicate with their child's medical team and improves the adherence to complicated treatment plan. When space on the sixth floor of Presbyterian Hospital became available, the Foundation responded.

The Ronald McDonald Family Room is located just a few steps from the pediatric patients' rooms. This special space will provide sleeping quarters, laundry facilities, a kitchen and other amenities that will provide a place of solace during a very difficult time. All the while just a few steps from their child's hospital room.

Thanks to the partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico®, families will have a place to retreat to; a place to rest and regenerate so they can return to their child's side better able to handle a demanding situation.

The space was completed in April 2013 but the work is not done yet. We still need your help and support to continue to fund the daily necessities - laundry detergent, pantry supplies and continued maintenance.

Presbyterian Cancer Care

Through advancements in treatment, more people are surviving cancers that were once fatal. By supporting Presbyterian Cancer Care, you are creating programs like the new Silver Linings Cancer Survivorship Program that will address the emotional and spiritual needs of these patients returning to life after cancer. The creation of a new Survivorship Program will help to ensure that the new lives our patients have been given are as full as possible and that hurdles created by cancer can be addressed and managed.

Silver Linings will embrace the continuum of survivorship care including: promotion of healthy behaviors, physical activity, appropriate diet, smoking cessation, use of sun protections, and screenings/ surveillance for recurrent, new cancer and late effects. It will also incorporate interventions for the consequences of cancer and its treatment by addressing symptom management, psychosocial support, financial difficulties, disability, discrimination, and coping skills.

Silver Linings will include healing through:

  • The arts (art therapy, creative writing and journaling and performing arts)
  • Integrative programs (meditation, yoga, tai chi, outdoor activities)
  • Psychosocial therapies (support groups, counseling, financial planning and advocacy education)

Presbyterian Cancer Care is dedicated to reducing to burden of cancer in our patients and communities caring for more than 4,000 patients in the last five years. As of January 2013, our patient satisfaction with their Cancer Care physician is in the 99th percentile nationally. We understand that the patient needs may continue, though, long after treatment is over.

Statistics tell the story:

  • 1 of 2 men and 1 of 3 women will develop life a threatening cancer in his/her lifetime
  • 70% of newly diagnosed cancer patients live five or more years
  • 90% of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients will live five or more years

The cancer care provided by Presbyterian is the most accredited in the state. We will apply that same commitment to high quality and patient benefit to the Silver Linings Cancer Survivorship Program, which will make a lasting difference in the lives of New Mexicans.