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Breast Surgical Oncology

Presbyterian's Breast Care team provides diagnosis, treatment and support for patients with breast cancer.

Presbyterian Cancer Care provides inpatient and outpatient services for women with benign and malignant breast disease. Working with your cancer care team, our breast surgical oncologists perform a wide variety of surgeries, and have fellowship training in minimally invasive techniques, including nipple and skin-sparing mastectomies.

All patient cases are reviewed at weekly multidisciplinary tumor board meetings that are attended by breast surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, as well as multiple other team members. Our support staff team members include nurse navigators, social workers, psychiatrists, nutritionists, palliative care specialists, physical and occupational therapists, and financial advocates.

Conditions Treated

A few common conditions treated include:

  • Atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH)
  • Atypical lobular hyperplasia (ALH)
  • Axillary lymph node dissection
  • Breast cancer
  • Complex sclerosing lesions
  • Diagnostic breast biopsies
  • Facilitation of patient enrollment in clinical trials
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Fibroepithelial lesions
  • Granular cell tumors
  • Hamartomas
  • High-risk breast disease management
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • Papilloma
  • Prophylactic mastectomies for women with a high lifetime risk of breast cancer
  • Sentinel lymph node assessments
  • Surgical biopsies for benign disease and diagnosis

Testing & Treatment Options

A few common tests and treatments include:

  • Breast biopsies, diagnostic and surgical
  • Breast reconstruction surgery
  • Coordinated treatment plans for benign and malignant breast disease diagnoses
  • Lymph node biopsies
  • Lumpectomies
  • Mastectomies

Our Providers

Our breast surgical oncology team provides inpatient and outpatient services, while working with a strong team of support staff to give you a wide range of diagnostic, treatment and advocate services.

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The Presbyterian cancer program holds the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer.