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Telehealth or telemedicine appointments are visits with a provider through video or online messaging services. Using telehealth allows members to safely and more easily access care when they may have a hard time making an in-person visit. It also gives members more options to get the care they need to stay healthy.

New! $0 Telehealth benefit for 2022

Effective January 1, 2022, Centennial Care, Presbyterian Senior Care (HMO) Presbyterian MediCare PPO and certain Commercial members can make a telehealth appointment with most in-network providers for $0. Please see the Exclusions section for information about Presbyterian Dual Plus (HMO D-SNP).

This benefit only applies to in-network providers including primary care, urgent care, specialty care and therapy providers. For plans with a deductible, telehealth appointments are 0% cost share after the deductible is met. Not all providers offer telehealth services and it is not advised for all services. We advise members to contact their provider to learn more about their telehealth options.

Important: Please note that there are certain plans that may not qualify for the full benefit or are excluded. To ensure members qualify for this benefit, we advise them to review their member materials or call the Presbyterian Customer Service Center using the number on our Contact Us page. Also, members can access their benefit details online using their myPRES account. Please see the Exclusion section below for more details.

Telehealth Care Options

There are many options for members to get care online or by phone. Our telehealth care options vary by a member’s healthcare needs, provider and insurance plan. Below is a complete list of the services that Presbyterian Health Plan members can use. Please click on the service listed below to learn more.

ServiceProvider(s)DescriptionPlans and Cost
Video VisitsA nationwide network of providersTo diagnose, treat and prescribe medications for minor ailments by video$0 for most members. See exclusions below*
Online VisitsPresbyterian Medical Group providerTo diagnose, treat and prescribe medications through online medical interview$0 for Presbyterian Health Plan members
PresRNRegistered nurseTo speak with a nurse who can answer questionsNo charge for Presbyterian Health Plan members
Urgent Care Video AppointmentVisit any in-network Urgent care including Presbyterian Medical GroupFor minor illnesses and injuries$0 for Presbyterian Health Plan members
Primary / Specialty / Behavioral Health Care Video AppointmentVisit any in-network primary, specialty or behavioral healthcare provider including Presbyterian Medical GroupFor members to meet with their established provider(s)$0 for Presbyterian Health Plan members
MyChart Message Your ProviderPresbyterian Medical Group provider or care teamSend and get non-urgent medical messages through MyChart$0 for Presbyterian Health Plan members
Talk Therapy SessionsA nationwide network of providersSpeak with a licensed therapist for help with depression, anxiety and more.$0 for Medicare MA members, excluding Presbyterian Dual Plus
TalkSpaceBehavioral health therapists nationwideTo help treat depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, stress, grief and relationship challenges through text messages$0 for all Commercial members not on a qualified High Deductible plan

Please note that members may still need an in-person visit based on their healthcare needs.

Availability of Services and Cost

Availability of services depends on a member’s location. Video Visits and Talk Therapy Sessions, at the will of the provider, are the only telehealth services offered nationwide. All other services must be done in the state where the member is a resident.

Costs depend upon a member’s health insurance. Be sure to check coverage and any out-of-pocket costs before making a telehealth appointment. Members can check their coverage by logging in to their myPRES account and clicking the MyHealthPlan tab or calling the Presbyterian Customer Service Center using the number on the back of their ID card.

*$0 Telehealth Benefit Exclusions

Members on a High Deductible health plan do not qualify for this benefit until they have reached their out-of-pocket maximum. Members on a Presbyterian Dual Plus plan may pay 0% to 20% of the total cost for telehealth benefits. There are some Commercial employer plans that are not included in this benefit.