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Pain & Spine

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Pain & Spine

Pain and spine specialists focus on acute and chronic pain syndromes, including nerve-based and musculoskeletal-based pain of the neck and spine. Our providers can diagnose and treat different types of problems related to the neck, back and spine. They can also provide a variety of pain management techniques for different types of pain syndromes, including anesthesia-based interventional pain procedures.

Services / Conditions Treated

A few of the common conditions treated include:

  • Arthritis / joint pain

  • Back and neck pain

  • Spine-related chronic post-op pain

  • Complex regional pain syndrome (or RSD)

  • Pain from herniated discs in the spine

  • Nerve damage and neuropathy, including diabetic neuropathy with spinal cord stimulation

  • Pain from shingles

  • Phantom pain

  • Vertebral compression fractures

Treatments / Tests Performed:

A few of the treatments or tests we provide include:

  • Physical therapy treatment plan

  • Nerve block injections

  • Joint injections for the shoulder, knee or hip

  • Epidural or spinal injections

  • Spinal cord stimulator implants

  • Radiofrequency nerve ablation

  • Peripheral nerve stimulator implants

  • Kyphoplasty for fractures of the spine

  • Facet joint injections

  • Lumbar sympathetic nerve block

Our Providers

Presbyterian Medical Group pain and spine providers can help identify and treat different types of spine or neck-related problems. We can perform both surgical and medical treatments and recommend long-term pain management solutions for chronic pain, working with other members of your care team for all your treatment needs.

PMG Specialists


Pain and Spine in Rio Rancho on High Resort Blvd Pain and Spine in Albuquerque at Kaseman Hospital

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